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But I Didn't Feel Anything...........

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Hello my name is Anne-Elise and I am diagnosed on three levels with Celiac Disease. Briefly my background was an ER visit for chest pain ............. Stress Test and Echo proved a healthy heart. Second guess was Gallbladder.....my symptoms were certainly consistent with stones. So we arranged for Ultrasound and endoscopy ........ nothing on the ultrasound and the endoscopy say nothing until the Dr. decided to go down a little further...................

I don't remember a whole lot, and just remember hearing gluten. My Mother was diagnosed with that issue as well in 1971.......when they did not have the blood test. I took the required blood tests and a biopsy along with some third thing I don't remember confirmed it. More worried that I was dying from some other ailment as I had a repeat trip to the ER for the same symptoms.......I didn't really take it seriously. I convinced myself that it must have just started because I had none of the symptoms my Mother had --- and I could gradually reduce gluten.

Homemade Bread was my best friend!!!! Living without that and Pasta ...... a fate worse than death for me (not really). When I went back for the follow up examination I was bombarded with statistics and worse case scenarios........which required a colonoscopy immediately because lymphoma and intestinal damage were part of the complications that came with non-treated celiac disease. I was terrified .... I spent the weekend scared of the worse case scenario's; terrified of what they would find.

Long story shortened.......I have no growths, major intestinal damage or lymphoma present at this time. I am going to live ............. well depending on whether they can find out what else is wrong. So here I am, faced with a huge life style change --- and the fear has been instilled in me to take it seriously. The denial is gone now and I am left with the challenge of replacing my beloved bread and pasta with gluten free products.

I am open to any and all suggestions regarding recipe's, advice, suggestions, vitamin supplements (apparently slightly overweight I am still malnourished). Anything and everything other than the scary stuff - my Doc did a swell job on that!!!!

Thank you for your time.


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Welcome, Anne. There will seem to be some major changes in your life but, after awhile, you will see they are not unsurmountable. They are more changes in style, not changes in substance. First, read everything you can on this forum - filled with good advice. Start simple with fruit, veges, meat and rice as your mainstays. Do you cook and bake? I can make everything I ate before. Almost!

You can buy good pasta. Breads a bigger problem, but if you bake it works out. Will you be sharing your kitchen with gluten eaters?

Most importantly, ask away. No question is too small or stupid. You will learn the definition of learning curve.


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Hi Anne-Elise,

My story is similar to yours, but I didn't even have the GI symptoms. I was having problems but nothing related to the GI track (later found out it was back related not celiac). After a biospy I was diagnosed with celiac. It turned my world upside down. It took me a few months to feel comfortable with my gluten free diet, now I can't imagine life any other way. I to loved my breads and pastas. I loved them so much I choose not to replace them but rather do without them. The only breads I use is the "Bob Mills cornbread" (to die for) and "Pamela's Baking Mix" for pancakes. I have been on the gluten free diet for a year now and I don't even give it too much though - comes naturally.

Since I do not have GI symptoms on small amounts of gluten I chose to be re-tested every 6 months to see if my numbers were decreasing. My last results a few weeks ago show that my celiac is "normal." Basically that means I have adhered to the diet and there is no longer damage. All my vitamin levels are normal range and no bone loss (had bone scan). My focus now is to stay healthy. Not just avoid a little cancer but to feel great each and every day.

So don't focus on what you can't have, but look forward to this new challenge. Sounds like you have a knowledgable doctor and you need to stay the doctor for continued guidance!!!

Best Wishes!!!


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