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Talking To University Department

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Just wanted to note that celiac often makes the personality irritable. I am recalling that the transition often isn't always easy. Make sure too you are not getting cross contaminated (CC) with gluten. I have learned to always wash my hands before putting anything to my mouth.

In addition, squash, roots and leafy etc. vegetables and a little chicken is not generally that expensive. The less sugary, processed foods you have the better, plus its cheap, healthy food. You could make big crock pot stews...

I make 24 hour home made yogurt. Its very healthy and healing for the gut and easy and cheap to make and lots cheaper than buying pro-biotics. By fermenting it for 24 hours all the lactose has been removed--lactose being an issue here for many of us, especially at first--due to the shape and size of the molecules and likely leaky gut caused by the untreated celiac. I make a huge pot of it at a time in a large stainless steel soup pot... You can also ferment chopped up cabbage--though it takes 3 days instead of one. Just add some yogurt or whey as a starter for the cabbage.


Diagnosed celiac sprue as infant: failure to thrive & pneumonia-back on grains age 4. Began herbs 1971 combating chronic kidney disease/general ill health 1973. Avoid wheat family and "allergens" by 1980. Late 80's doc. diagnosed candida: cave-man diet. Diagnosed degraded myelin sheath 2006; need co-enzyme B vitamins. Discovered celiac fall 2007; finally told diagnosis as infant. Recently found I am salicylic acid intolerant. Ironically can't tolerate most herbs now. Can now eat brown rice & other gluten-free grains (except corn) & even maple syrup & now homeopathic medicine works! Am still exploring the shape of this elephant but I've made progress!

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You have every right to be angry with your school and this is a good place to vent to people who understand :)

I too experienced a great deal of anger, frustration, upset/sadness and moodiness in general durnig the healing phase and now whenever I get glutened. It's difficult enough to deal with the everyday stresses of school and financial burdens, let alone health problems and a comlicated diet.

On the plus side, it does get easier and you will start to feel better. Keep fighting for your cause and also keep taking care of yourself and focusing on healing, eating well, and getting better.

Good luck!


I want to thank everyone for their advice on how to deal with my issues. I didn't mean to snap at anyone, though I'm sure I did. While it is not an excuse, I'm really stressed out and really angry. And not just angry about how the university is dealing with the celiac. I have been diagnosed for two months and during that time I have also had to deal with many major life changes. So I'm sorry that I got angry with people's suggestions. I just feel so stressed out and for me money has always been a sensitive issue. I wanted to make sure you knew that I'm not angry at all of you who responded, I'm just really angry in general. At first I was able to accept all this as another complication that I would have to deal with, but right now I seem to have entered and area where I'm just pissed at life and everything seems like it is too much to deal with. Plus I don't as of yet know anyone where I live so I spend all my time alone since other students are not yet here.

gluten-free since July 8, 2009!

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I saw on the news that many university students now qualify & are using food stamps. That would be a big financial help to you if you qualify. Couldn't hurt to look into it.

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