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Lots Of Questions? Is There More To This?

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I have been diagnosed with Celiacs with lots of questions......would love any comments....

I could eat anything I wanted until I turned 33 and had a baby... How many of us have late onset of Celiac?

Don't have usual symptoms...yes constipation and bloating......but not every day and would only have about 2 "attacks" per year before official diagnosis and going Gluten-free.

Where does the joint pain come from? Muscle pain?

What comes first.....being Glutened or the Sinus Infection?

Most symptoms will go away when treated with prednisone....it gets me through the day.

Worst symptoms are chronic back pain (first symptom years ago), sinusitis, nasal polyps, aspirin sensitivity, asthma, hypothyroidism, hair loss and hair turns grey with episodes, peeling skin on fingers and feet, mild rash on hands and knuckles, mystery bruises (deep muscle pain for no reason-back), joint pain--usually elbows, hands cramp when typing etc, itchy ears...weird....on the inside...like allergies, face flushed at different times, scoliosis, bloody nose, clumsiness, fatigue......some of these are chronic but most come and go. I keep a calendar of symptoms and have not linked them all to Celiac or being Glutened. What else is going on?

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I can answer the joint pain question because this is usually the most severe symptom I get when I am accidently glutened. The doctors diagnosis is costocondritis. This is the inflamation of the cartilidge in your joints. Causes severe pain in my ribcage and just recently having joint pain and muscle pain in my upper left arm and left leg.

Also, I think I understand this: You have always had this Celiac gene. However, something major causes it to "rear its ugly head." Yours being Childbirth....Mines was surgery for hemmrhoids 8 years ago. I was misdiagnosed for 7 years. Only found out in July 08.

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