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Dr. Baptist On Kansas (marnie1951)

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I tried to send a PM to Marnie1951, but the personal msg feature was disabled. Anyonw else is welcome to comment too, please, I'd love it. I wanted to know if anyone else has or is beeing treated by Dr. Baptist? I am tired of wasting time off of work and money on drs that don't give the time of day. I saw on a previous post that Marnie1951 recommened him, but I also went to a dr. recommeded in the "recommend a dr" thread and it was one of my top horid experience (he thought I was crazy and tested me for all kinds of laxitive abuse...and told me I couldn't have celiac b/c I was overwight...yet, a fellow celiac recommended him...argh). anyway, questions are...

Any ideas on what I can expect from Dr. Baptist? Is he actuallt educated and advanced in celiac? Does he use alternate ways of diagnosing (I had a negative blood test). Does he spend time with you and listen to your entire history, or is he in and out like most? Thanks for any input!

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p.s...that's supposed to be "Dr. Baptist IN Kansas"...argh, I hate typos :)

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