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Question About Multivitamin Chemicals... A, B, Or C?

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I'm just trying to slowly piece my life back together after nearly a year's worth of health issues. I will be 25 years old in September, 5'10, 135 lbs, male.

I am looking at these different mulitvitamins and trying to decide which is best. I thought that a and b were the same with the obvious difference that b is chewable, but the nutritional labels on Pioneer's website show that there are actually different ingredients. For example, both have Vitamin A, C, K, etc, but they seem to be made up of different things. The product labels are on the 2nd page.

a.) Vitamin/Mineral


b.) Chewable Vitamin/Mineral


c.) 1+ Vitamin/Mineral


I am going to try a Gluten-Free diet, so that's why I'll be taking these gluten-free vitamins. Hopefully, further testing will reveal that I'm not gluten intolerant and I can begin something like GNC Mega Man, but for the time being, I'm going to give the gluten-diet a try.

P.S.-I have no problem swallowing the pill, so unless the chewable one is better in it's chemical composition, I wouldn't mind getting the chewable one. I just want the one that is best for me as I've been completely inactive for nearly a year (due to what seems like a sports-related injury), have lost 15 pounds (thus making me underweight), and want to try to get back into an active lifestyle.

Thank You very much for reading.

P.S.- There are no prices or anything listed, so I hope I'm not in violation of website policy.

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