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Anyone From Nh?

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Hi there, I'm just hearing about gluten sensitivity, and all of the symptoms I've been experiencing seem to point that way. I am still awaiting tests to see if it could be as "simple" as a stomach ulcer, but there seems to be more to it than that. On top of severe abdominal pain and D the pain radiates to my back, I'm tired, and very angry all of the time. I also have been experiencing anxiety that started about the same time as these stomach pains. It use to be I'd have pains every 6 months or so, but in the last year its every 2-3 weeks and the pain, especially in my ribs and back has been lasting longer and longer. So I'm going to give a gluten free diet a go and see if it will help. These stomach pains are so bad I'll do anything to stop them, even if it means no more regular breads, granola bars and crackers (my typical daily foods).

I started with dinner tonight... I figure if I really am harming my body eating gluten, why keep doing it?

If there is anyone from the Upper Valley area of NH I'd love to know if there are specialty food stores or places to eat that are good in the area!

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I do not live in NH, but I do live in VT and am about 45 miles from Lebanon. I do not know of any specialty stores in that area. Wish we had a Whole Foods! Shaws has a fairly good variety of gluten free foods in their health food section. Much of it doesn't taste real great, but I keep trying more new things. The worse part is that gluten free means much more expensive. Sorry to hear that you are in such discomfort so much of the time. Hope Gluten free is the answer.


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