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Gf On A Cruise

Lisa Ann

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I have been on two cruises with Princess since going gluten-free. My travel agent contacted Princess in advance and told them I needed a gluten-free diet. I received a letter from Princess, before I left, that told me to see the head waiter as soon as I arrived on the ship. The first cruise was great. The head waiter was intentive. He brought the menu for the next day and would let me ask him about each item. If he wasn't sure it could be made gluten-free he would talk to the chef. The second cruise wasn't quite as good. I had to send back a few times, because they would forget and do something like put crutons on the salad or in the soup. I only got sick one time, which I am sure that it was the soup. I wouldn't order soup again, even though, they say that it can be made gluten-free. The buffet is a good choice, because there are so many items to choose from.

Good luck and have fun!

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I was diagnosed in September 2004 and cruised over the holiday's with Windstar (part of Holland America) and they were wonderful to me, in 10 days I was not glutened once.

I have a lot of experience with cruising and food issues, my daughter has a life threatening allergy to peanuts and servere allergies to tree nuts. We have cruised with Norweigen (oops spelling is off and I'm too lazy to look it up) and Royal Caribbean.

Both cruise lines were very careful with my daughter's allergies and we never had an ounce of trouble. I did notify every cruise line prior to our cruising that we have food problems and all 3 cruise lines prior to the cruise told us they would "do their very best" to accomadate us, which did scare me a bit prior to getting on the ship. But once on the ship my first stop is to the Matire'd, who in all cases on all 3 cruise lines, didn't have any problems dealing with us, as a they said to me, we do this every day. They went over menus and ingredients with us every single day. On Royal Caribbean when I went to talk to the Maitre'd... I said hi my name is Susan Kelly and he said... ohhh the peanut/nut people, they were forewarned about us and totally ready!

My gluten-free experience on Windstar was great, its a very small cruise line (sailing ships) so they did not get a special gluten-free food for me but the chef would make me special things, especially desserts in the evening.

All in all my cruising experiences have been far easier then regular restaurants.

Have fun! Susan

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