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Interpreting Results? Celiac Panel

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Ok, so I got a copy of my celiac panel and tried (via some posts on here) to interpret whether there could be some potential that I do in fact have celiac, despite my dr saying not likely. I was soooo sure these were going to come back positive as soooo many symptoms fit me. Could someone interpret the results, and maybe tell me if it is 100 percent certain that there is no chance of having celiac (u can read my other posts of symptoms and family autoimmune history if interested. Here are the results:

Gliadin Antibody (IGG) 4

Reference range

Less than 11 neg

11-17 Equivocal

Greater than 17 Pos

Gliadin Antibody (IGA) 6

Ref Range

Less than 11 neg

11-17 equiv

Greater than 17 pos

TTG Antibody, IGG less than 3

Less than 7 Neg

7-10 Equiv

Greater than 10 pos

TTG Antibody, IGA less than 3

Less than 5 neg

5-8 equiv

Greater than 8 pos

Reflex to Titer

Endomysial AB (IGA) screen Negative

Are these all the tests? Why do all labs have different reference ranges? Sad to say, but I feel sad not to have had these positive :( I'm just searching...

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Ok, I keep forgetting to write all my questions. If these aren't all the tests, could anyone tell me what else to ask for? I'm having a hard time understanding all of this. Thank you guys, so much.

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