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Maybe celiac disease? Definitely Frustrated.

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Hi There, first off i'm not vegan so I can't help you with that one. As for the back pain, I have had almost every symptom you have also. The back pain was right between my shoulder blades though. It took agood 3 weeks before I started having any relief from my symptoms.

Now, I also have fibromyalgia. The pain is worse in the mornings for those of us with fibro. Sleep is a biggie with fibro too. Google fibro symptoms and see what you think.

But, just starting out there are so many ways to keep getting glutened that it takes a while. But even with my fibro and RA, my pain has eased up alot.

You might also have other food issues sauch as dairy, soy, etc. A food diary will help you keep track of those as well as cross contamination. I don't know if you realize but if you are toasting gluten free breads you will need a new toaster because your gluten free bread is being contaminated in it. New cutting board, new frying pan if teflon coated, etc.

I hope this helps you some and I hope you get to feeling better soon.

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Do you eat a lot of soy? A lot of people have problems with it and you can have a problem with both, gluten and soy. A short test like you did isn't really long enough to eliminate gluten you probably need to try the diet for several months to be sure. You can ease a lot of pain with vitamin D and magnesium also. Not just the amount in a multivitamin either. Supplemental doses.

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Your symptoms are very similar to mine. I am not vegan/vegetarian.

The blood tests that helped with my diagnosis were: tTG, Vit B12, D, K, Zinc and Copper. An endoscopic biopsy shouldn't be done if you are already gluten-free.

Since you have already gone gluten-free and seen some improvement, I'd suggest you stay the course. Healing time for everyone is different and you may have setbacks.

I've been gluten-free 5 months - some symptoms have improved, others have worsened. My most recent blood work did show improvement in all the labs listed above thanks to gluten-free diet along with multivitamin, B, D and Calcium supplements.

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