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Is Gluten Intolerance A Synrome?

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Is what we have really "Gluten Intolerance Syndrome"? When looking at the definition of the medical term "syndrome" it sure seems a perfect fit. One person may have the villi blunting, another may not, someone else may have Dermatitis Herpetiformis (DH), some have neurological issues, anemia, etc. There is a whole range of symptoms possibilities and associated diseases that frequently accompany it ...but in the end we all have gluten intolerance in common.

Here are some definitions:

[http://www.yourdictionary.com/medical/syndrome ] "syn

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It has been my understanding, that the term "syndrome" is used in the medical field when the cause of the condition is not known. If that is the case, then neither gluten intolerance, nor any other intolerance should be characterized as a syndrome.

There was a thread a while ago discussing whether Celiac might one day be referred to as a trait instead of a disease. I'd be agreeable to that. After all, a peanut allergy is not referred to as a disease, nor it lactose intolerance, just to name two.

There are some people who aren't effected by poison ivy. Does that make the rest of us ivy intolerant? I guess what is considered "normal" is actually what's usual. Given the range of health problems Celiac and gluten intolerance can cause, it would not surprise me if those who are not effected by it are or will be in the minority. That would make us normal :P

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