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Grain Free Gourmet Cookbooks

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Over the past year I have browsed through and purchased a few gluten free cookbooks. I only use one or two recipes but was looking at the reviews on amazon and thought maybe these would be some good ones to buy.

I have not tested positive for celiac but am gluten intolerant. I think my family overall has been healthier. I recently had a gluten challenge and while I had no GI upset I am wondering if there may be other unnoticable things going on that will build up over time. Anyway I would like to find a good cookbook that has a good pizza dough (yeast free too). I am also almost dairy free, I eat cheese but no dairy in the raw like milk or ice cream. I would like something I can use on a regular basis.



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I go to Elaina's pantry all of the time and have made several of her recipes - cupcakes, pancakes, brownies, and cookies. I did order the cookbook but I think I like the website better.

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