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Haven't Been Tested Just Yet -

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BUT....after seeing some of the symtpoms people have mentioned on here, I'm going to get tested right away. It all kinda makes sense..I think...

For years I have had diarrhea (including blood sometimes) and have been looked at several times, even had a colonoscopy and no one could ever find a cause. I have had these little itty bitty blisters on my hands for years with no explaination. Heck, I thought I was allergic to lavendar baby oil! I have always been more tired than anyone else I have ever known - always needed a nap in the afternoon. I've never been "allowed" to give blood because my tests have always come back with my iron being too low... Is it possible I have this?

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Yes, quite possible. Many people here have been told they are quite healthy despite varies symptoms, IBS diagnosis, etc. If you do some searching here, you'll probably find many people with similar stories to yours (and then you'll become addicted to this site like I have, which is ok because there are so many nice, informed, helpful members here!)

In the Drs forum, there are lists of recommended drs that have helped people in many states, as it can be very frustrating findind a dr. To help you when you have "normal" colonoscopy results, etc.

My other advice is, if you test negative on the celiac panel, you can also try to find an allergist that will test for various food intolerances, or just give the gluten free diet a try. I spent many years and lots of money seeing GI specialists, until I found an allergist/Immunologist who knew enough about celiac to help. I'm just getting started, and am such an advocate of this site and the help it has provided for me! Sounds like it will be for you as well. Best of luck!

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