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Can Acne Like Rash Be Dh?

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Hello everyone, I had never heard of celiac disease before, for about 13 yrs ( I was 25 at the time) I have dealt with what seemed like acne/redness/blotchiness on my face that derm diagnosed as acne rosacea... since then I have struggled with this w/ ok success (never great)... fast forward, about 2 years I started getting waht seemed like hives on my face, maybe 1 or 2 a day for about a 3-10 days, they would vary on severity, then the hives go away although the itchiness remains all the time, I have to be constantly looking in the mirror to see if a new welt is developing, sometimes a hive does develop and sometimes its just the itch. I imagine that to people it kinda looks like adult acne, but acne is not suppose to itch, is it?... I also have this situation on my scalp... After checking online about DH, it seems much worse, and I have seen that it does affect some people on the face, I was just wondering if anyone has/had a similar case??

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