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Vacay To Nyc = A gluten-free Success

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Heeey all:

I want to thank those of you who posted to a previous query of mine regarding where to eat/dine/buy gluten-free groceries in Manhattan AND I want to report that the vacation was a gluten-free and allergy success.

First, there are sooo many whole foods (unlike Toronto where there is only 1) and there were a TON of restaurants with gluten-free menus (or that were gluten free friendly) that were willing to accomodate my allergies.

I won't bore you with all the details, but I will give a shout out to Nizza's on 9th Avenue btw 43rd and 44ths streets (or thereabouts). MMMMMMM. I am allergic to rice and was able to get some great corn pasta and they custom cooked all the food to ensure it was allergy friendly. They provided the best service, by far. Other mentionables: Shulas (in Times Square Westin ... very accomodating but I only ate breakfast there), Blooms Deli for breakfast was also great (mmmmm -- huge portions).

Okay --and I had to make a side trip in Winnipeg -- For all you Manitobanites out there I gotta tell you that the Fairmont was superb. They created a custom menu for me (taking into account my need for gluten free food, my allergies and my food preferences) and the staff was versed in advance about the issues of cross contamination. They were very attentive and knew exactly who I was. The service was very personalized. If you are looking for a nice worry free night out in MB, don't be afraid of the Fairmont. If you contact them in advance, I'm sure you won't be disappointed.

Now...perhaps I'm not allowed to post and recommend particular names on this site...not sure if I'm violating a forum rule If so, I"m sure the mods will take this down (but I"m in no way affiliated with any of the places mentioned).


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It is good to hear of your success!

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