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Time Frames

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What is the time frame of illnes after eating, say, a small bread crumb? :unsure:

I would like to know this because I just found out that I had Celiac Disease :blink: , and it is frustrating because I still am unsure of what to eat (gluten-free or NGF) <_< . I want to know what I have eaten that makes me experience my/the normal symptoms. :wacko: (Diarrhea, mucas, sorry I have to be so descriptive)

Also, if I knew the time frame, it would be easier to identify the culprit that made me sick and then I can narrow down my gluten-free list. -_-

Thank you for helping me by being so wonderfully active in this forum ^_^ . I swear you guys have saved my life (both figurativly and such) :P . I would be so clueless right now,:huh:

The newest member


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Heather - I am also very new to this. From your email, it sounded like you weren't sure if you needed to eat gluten-free or not. If you have Celiac you definetely have to eat gluten-free. It sounds like you may have the somewhat "silent" celiac (myself also) where you don't have a lot of symptoms other than diarhea. Definetely go gluten-free and see if it stops. If not then you will need to talk with your dr. and look for another food culprit.

This is such a wonderful website! I have learned so much in just a few short days (although I've been on the computer alot) lol! Everyone is very helpful.

Lisa Ann

Gluten Free since April 2005

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Gluten can stay in your system for weeks.

My reactions last 2 weeks usually but it varies from person to person. Everyones body reacts differently and some celiacs do not get symptoms.

You need to eat gluten free though that is a given. If you choose to ignore the diet serious complications such as cancer/diabetes/liver,kidney,gallbladder complications/osteoporosis etc. it's not worth putting your life at risk.

This is literally just as bad as rat poison is for you.

You will find this website very helpful...there are people here that know more then alot of doctors out there. There is info about the good products that we can eat and so forth.

You should print out the safe and forbidden foods list as a guideline till you get to learn more and know what is questionable.https://www.celiac.com/st_main.html?p_catid=12

Hang in there ...it all gets easier with time :D


Positive bloodwork

Gluten-free since January 2004


Jeremiah 29:11- "For I know the plans that I have for you, declares the Lord, plans for you to prosper and not harm you,plans to give you a hope and future"

"One Nation, Under God"

Feel free to email me anytime....jkbrodbent@yahoo.com

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We can give you some ideas, but no one can really answer that question for you other than you. For me, I get some symptoms (head fogginess, disorientation) within 15-30 minutes, but not always to the same degree. I'll get abdominal pain and noisyness within 8 hours or so, and usually some change in my stool (not extraordinarily significant for me) within twelve, and then fatigue and abdominal annoyance for the next 4-6 days.

Tiffany aka "Have I Mentioned Chocolate Lately?"

Inconclusive Blood Tests, Positive Dietary Results, No Endoscopy

G.F. - September 2003; C.F. - July 2004

Hiker, Yoga Teacher, Engineer, Painter, Be-er of Me

Bellevue, WA

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I usually experience some tingling,prickly sensations in my lips a few minutes after eating gluten. Once I feel that I stop eating to avoid ingesting anymore. Pay close attention to your body to try and learn any signals it may be giving off when gluten is ingested. I have been able to avoid any serious accidental gluten intake for a good six months now. I will feel a little brain fog and fatigue and how long that lasts depends on how much I ate. I have to eat quite a bit of gluten to get gut problems.

Don't worry about grossing us out. There are threads on this site that are far more graphic than what you just described. :lol: Welcome aboard. This lifestyle isn't as hard as it first appears.

If all the world is indeed a stage and we are merely players then will someone give me the script because I have no f!@#$%^ clue as to what is going on!

What does not kill you makes you stronger.

Nobody cares about losers and quitters never win. If you fail with the cowards then what's the message you send?

Can't get it right, no matter what I do. Might as well be me and keep fu@$ing up for you. - Brian Thomas (Halloween, the greatest metal band ever!)

Ian Moore. Self diagnosed at 36 because the doctors were clueless.

Started low-carb diet early 2004, felt better but not totally gluten-free. Went 100% gluten-free early 2005 and life has never been better.

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Hi Heather!

You have definitely come to the right place to learn more about the gluten-free lifestyle. It really is quite a special site, and I'll bet that you can find the answer to anything you are curious about as this is a pretty well informed group of folks! It has already been said that everyone reacts differently. I think that I must be among those who are more sensitive reactors because if I eat something with gluten, just one bite will almost instantaniously trigger cramps, bloating and abdominal pain. I look upon it as a blessing rather than a curse, because it makes it easy to pinpoint the offending food. The last time that happened, several months ago, I was bed-ridden for 3 days and kind of delicate for maybe one or two weeks more. I haven't been able to figure out if more food would make me sick longer, since all it takes for me to know I've goofed is just the one bite! Anyway, like they say, listen to your body, although if you have silent symptoms without any obvious indicators, then I guess the best that you can do is be as careful as you can following the diet. (Which is what we all have to do, anyway.)

Keep reading. The more you learn, the easier it will be.


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Hi, I love the quote at the end of your message -- I'm a newbie, too! Usually I feel the effects w/in 12 hours max :blink: and am fatigued for at least a week :unsure: . A few times I'v had symptoms and been like "Whaaaa?" In those cases, I figure I got glutened/soyed/dairied and didnt' know it. However, everyone is different on what happens when and how long, based on the little I've been learning so far.

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