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How To Read Blood Test Results

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I had a biopsy about a month ago, they were looking for ulcers, but instead, they found Celiac. I had to have the blood test but i don't know how to read the results. From what I can tell, they are negative.....

Gliadin (Deamidated) Ab IgA, s 3.9

Gliadin (Deamidated) Ab, IgG, s 2.0

reference value

<20.0 (Negative)

20.0-30.0 (Weak Positive)

> 30.0 Positive

Tissue Transglutminase Ab IgA, s 0.5 u/ml <4.0

Tissue Transglutminase Ab, IgG s, 1.1 u/ml <6.0

i can't get an appointment to see the doctor for 3 more weeks....the biopsy was positive...what does the blood work mean? I have been eating gluten free since I had my blood work, I didn't change my diet until after.

Thank you for any help you can provide!!


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Bloodwork appears to be negative, but they didn't run the total IgA, to see if you are IgA deficient (based on what you posted).

In most cases, the positive biopsy = diagnosis of Celiac. Negative bloodwork doesn't mean you don't have it.

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I was looking for the total IGA too. I'm no expert on the tests but I do know you can be IGA deficient and the bloodwork will always be negative. If you had a positive biopsy, that is all you need. It means they found enough damage to your small intestine to indicate celiac disease.

Welcome to the forum. Start your healing now and ask any questions here you wish.

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