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Please, Help With My Symptoms....

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After 21 days gluten free, I still have a lot bowel sounds after eat, I also see undigested food in my stool and some time I have diarrhea. Do you guys according your experience know if it is normal? I am worried about why my symptoms did't clear up yet. Please, let me know if you think it take more time to feel better.


God Bless you.

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You have to give yourself time to heal. I'm 6 months or so into this and still have problems digesting grains. Some days I feel great, then I eat corn or some gluten free snack and we are back to feeling like I've got a rock in front pocket of my hoodie. But no itching or other glutened problems.

Oh, have you started a probiotic? Everytime you have "d" you should use a probiotic for awhile to replace the bacteria you need to digest your food.

Hope this helps


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