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Elevated Ige Levels

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I am just hoping someone may be able to answer a question for me regarding elevated IgE levels. I have had many health issues lately as I mentioned in a previous post. A celiac test about 6 weeks ago returned negative. But I am still experiencing what I feel to be gluten intolerance symptoms. I just had some more blood results back today and have elevated IgE levels.

267 IU/mL (0-120) H

Is there a possibility that this could be an indication of gluten intolerance?

I am full of the flu too at the minute and had that many different results that the Doctor went over this morning that I'm now feeling quite confused.

I totally intend to go gluten free just as soon as I'm feeling well enough to go gluten free grocery shopping. But would love to hear if there could be a connection here.


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I've had lots of strange health issues too and also have elevated IGE levels. Some of my symptoms are similar to celiac, however I do not have it, and I also have joint and now lung problems. My doctor said high IGE could be a marker for some type of infection. I was doing some reading and also found an article on Hyper IGE (Job) syndrome which could possibly explain some things. Also, elevated IGE levels could be due to any type of food allergy that can be tested for with a skin test.

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