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Gluten Free Labeling!

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:angry: :angry:

1. Amid the various Gluten Free cookies at Whole foods is a package of Newman-O's. Flanking them is the Glutino Brand and the Mi-Del Sandwich cookies. The Newman-O's have unusually large font that boasts WHEAT FREE AND DIARY FREE. In tiny italic font beneath it the package reads "this is NOT gluten free"

are you kidding me????? Can anyone tell me WHO ON THE PLANET restricts wheat and dairy from their diet but tolerates Gluten? WTF?? Right, I know loads of people who say "I dont want wheat in my cookies, or dairy, but gluten is good-to-go for me" DUH. Apparently Newmans Own has found a special niche market. Hates Wheat and Dairy, loves Gluten.

I wrote them them a letter so foul I didnt expect even the canned response. I know to read the labels. But this is seriously bordering on fraud. Id rather the package just outright insulted me like said something "YOUR UGLY"

2. Why is there no CLEAR AND OBVIOUS SYMBOL REQUIRED ON ALL FOOD ITEMS indicating the food allergies? I find it incredible how nearly every item stocked on the planet indicates if it is Kosher, (Dairy, parve, etc) But for Celiacs or nut allergies we get the "read very very carefully EVERY TIME" Because we may just change the box, SURPRISE!!

Now, we would hate for jews or muslims to violate their religious code, but we (food manufacturers) figure If you are smashed with Gluten or have to use your epi-pen from allergic reaction "too bad, so sad, bye bye" What do you think the religious groups who observe Kosher would do if they had to check the package EVERY TIME they purchased the product? Just in case Hebrew National decided to start churning out franks on Boars Head's factory? They would lose the rag in an instant!! Strong lobbies have sued the city of NYC for microscopic organisms in the water that were not Kosher!!!

Celiacs and other Allergen groups need to unite and lobby congress to make packaging laws very strict. Though I am doubtful it would succeed. After all most manufacturers find it hard enough containing all of the fecal matter tainting their product with ecoli virus.

Its very sad.

I find myself in a few "gotcha" situations with Amy's as well. For the love of god if its Gluten free change the color of the box, or make it obvious. I dont care if its pretty or has a photo of your cute kid on it, or if its from Vermont and approved by the Prius driving association. Just make it obvious so i dont need to act now and order that stupid "night owl" magnifying glass as seen on TV to read this stuff

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Can anyone tell me WHO ON THE PLANET restricts wheat and dairy from their diet but tolerates Gluten?

someone with a wheat allergy, but not a gluten intolerance. they can still have barley, rye, and oats. wheat is one of the top eight allergens (which is not taking celiac disease or non-celiac gluten intolerance into account). so, yeah, there are definitely people.

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Remember that wheat is one of the top 8 allergens? There are plenty of people who can't have wheat but can have barley, rye or oats. In fact, there are probably more people who avoid just wheat than there are people who avoid all gluten.


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