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Lash Blast By Covergirl

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I alway use Lancome-defincils mascara and never had a problem with red-eyes since! However, at $22.00 a tube it is an expense. I would like to try the new Lash Blast by covergirl, has anyone tried it? I called P&G and they don't see any gluten or fragrance added to it, however I'm still leary since I don't know other additives to look for.


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Thanks for asking this question. As I have been doing research on this condition it had just dawned on me why my eyes were starting to be so aggitated & burning from my mascara. I kept thinking Estee Lauder was selling me old mascara & yes its up there too......$20.00 some dollars a tube.

A couple of days ago I finally came to the conclusion that the irritation is from the product containing wheat!


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