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Confused Doctor ..

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Hi all, Im new here.

My symptoms are: bloated abdomen after i eat ANYTHING, loss of 12 kgs in a few months (un-intentional), unusually gassy, constipated and fatigued (doctors have always told me i was just aneamic).

My doctor sent me for bloodtests, he was certain i would test positive for celiacs though my blood tests came back perfect - even my iron was great! the only thing my blood samples showed were my salt levels, which were unusually low.

the doctor is concerned and he has booked me in for a gastroscopy next month to determine what is happening and if my intestine/bowel has been damaged.

he says it is still possible i may test positive to celiacs with the gastroscopy and other possibilities are a sugar intollerance or lactose intollerance..

he has written on his referral: severe abdominal bloating and weight loss of 12kgs. cause unclear. bloods were unhelpful - all normal. to exclude coeliac and disacchiariose (spelling?) deficiency.

is coeliac similiar to celiacs? and can someone give me some idea how long a gastroscopy goes for and what side effects i may experience after, if any?

thanks in advance!

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Hi and welcome.

Coeliac is a variant spelling of celiac used in the UK and some other countries. They are the same thing.

I was out during my two gastroscopies, so I don't remember how long they took. I had colonoscopies done at the same time, which lengthens the procedure. The preparation for a colonoscopy is not any fun. You should not expect any side effects from either procedure.

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You might consider posting your blood results here with the lab's ranges. If a person is IGA deficient, the bloodwork appears normal even if you have celiac disease.

The endoscopy just took a few minutes. With the anesthesia, I don't remember any of it. I didn't have any discomfort after. I would do it again without fear.

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