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Diagnosis Of Coeliacs

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I assume I have coeliacs as I have all the symptoms. I had a biopsy, which was inconclusive but I had gone gluten free before. I have fat malabsorption and frequency of stools which I control with Imodium. I have low blood calcium and also have osteopenia of my spine. I used to have mouth ulcers which I no longer have. I have had hair loss for years and fatigue. I have the HLA-DQ2 gene. Even though I have all the above symptoms which are typical of coeliacs still I have not been told for certain that I have coeliacs. The only way would be to go on a gluten diet which I am certainly not doing. I dont feel too well on a gluten free diet so I am certainly not doing that.

I have been gluten free for months and still have major malabsorption problems. I just wondered if you think that it is no doubt coeliacs or could it be anything else. :unsure:

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