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Hair Care Products

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I finally got a hold of someone at L'Oreal -- their Excellence to Go 10 minute hair coloring is gluten-free, as is their new shampoo, Everpure. I also found out that ALL Clairol products do contain gluten, icluding Herbal Essences and Head and Shoulders. I spent a whole week making phone calls: a few other items that are gluten-free:

Finesse shampoo and conditioner

It's a 10 shampoo and conditioner

Dial Soap

Ivory Soap

Publix brand of Free and Clear laundry soap (although they disclaim that their product is made in a factory where other gluten products are made)

Hope this helps

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because once you become a label reader, then you read every label for everything and find out that everything is connected.

Therefore, I've also been trying to avoid sulfates(ites) and parabens.

The giovanni hair care line seems really good as does the Tru-Kid line (which I use myself)

Sephora cosmetics is now marketing towards the organic consumer and clearly has products with a little leaf symbol that fits the organic criteria (usually not a lot of toxic stuff). You can also see the ingredients a lot better online rather than trying to strain your eyes at the store.

Go to the environmental working group organizations website (ewg.org) scroll down to the cosmetic database on the right bottom and you can see how your favorite cosmetics rate.

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