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Help Re: Testing For Enzyme Function/leaky Gut/intest. Perm.

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Here are my issues..

I have many reactions to foods/especially fat and carbohydrates. I have horrid stomach bloating, alternating C&D, my weight fluctuates a lot. And all my issues are on the lower right quadrant. Whenever I eat certain foods, especially those rich in fructose, I get a lot of "bubbles" in my stomach, like trapped gas. If you touch them, they will pop. Sounds insane, yes? I told the GI doc at cleveland clinic this and he told me he has NEVER heard of this before. My stool is *too* soft to form (sorry, tmi..). Additionally, I have had amenorrhea for 8 years(that is another story) and do not seem to absorb anything very well, supplements, meds.. I always need a very strong dose. Probiotics have never really helped me and I have used almost every brand. The ingredient FOS is very harsh for my system as well, bloats me a lot and makes me constipated. My stool (very sorry, tmi) is very soft/sticky and is impacted many days. So, which genova tests should I go for? I was looking at ordering this one: http://www.crohns.net/page/C/PROD/Diagnostic_Test/GSD3000

or this one: http://www.crohns.net/page/C/PROD/Diagnostic_Test/GSD2100

Are Genova tests good? I am so sick of living like this, constant c&d.. my life is ruled by my GI track.

Thank you :)

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