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Sierra's Mommy

Positive Iga Antibody Serum, Negative Ttg...help!

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Just wondering if you experts could shed light on the following lab results just received over the phone. My younger daughter and I were diagnosed with blood and biopsy earlier this summer. We just took my older daughter in for a screening, and the doctor said:

"Her IGA serum antibody was positive with a 21.9--no range given, just interpreted positive." However, her ttG was interpreted as normal." Anyone have experience with this? She shows absolutely no symptoms and of course, she is very upset with even the possibility that she will have to give up her favorite foods, like her sister.

We're going to get in to see the PED GI soon, however just wanted to know if it's possible to have antibodies without the disease.

Thanks for any insight you can provide.


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This was covered by a couple posters last week. One of them fantastk? said her daughter's results were like your daughter's and her doctor recommended a gluten free diet.

Not much help but it's all I've got... RA

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