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Chartreuse Liqueurs, Tested And gluten-free!

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I have been missing one of my favorite liqueurs, and now have happily recieved this wonderful reply from the company when I emailed regarding their gluten free status! Imagine my happiness that not only did they have an answer, their product has actually been TESTED!!

Hooray! Just in time to still get those holiday gift hints dropped early! lol!

Here is the reply:

Dear Customer,

We are very happy to hear that you like our product and we thank you

very much for it.

Regarding gluten , as you can guess it, we have already had several inquiries

coming from our customers.

What we can say today that we have made a lot of analysis - Made by one

of the leading laboratories from France.

The result is : No detection of gluten at 5 ppm or above.

Below? Impossible to analyse, too minimal. The laboratory has let us know

that the analysis we have made are the ones made today by all the food/drink

manufacturers when asked about gluten.

We hope this answers your legitimate question.

With our best regards - Madeleine P

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Was hoping to buy some Chartreuse and was looking to see whether it is gluten-free, and came across your post. How great! And isn't that just about the most charming, reassuring company reply ever? Thanks a lot for investigating and posting two years ago. Also, love your username - my aunt has a dog named Gypsy Moon, Gyp for short.

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