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Tired New Mom With Fairly Recent Dh Diagnosis

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My first pregnancy (which ended in miscarriage) last year triggered my DH. I became pregnant again three months after the miscarriage and was diagnosed with celiac while 8 weeks pregnant. I immediately went gluten-free and DH subsided. I cheated several times (powerful pregnancy cravings) and had very minimal DH reaction during the pregnancy. Since I had very little DH reaction, I assumed I wasn't sensitive to cross-contamination so I never replaced any of my kitchenware.

Since having my baby 5 months ago, I've had several DH reactions and currently suffering the worst reaction -- and I'm not cheating on my diet. My poor bum is covered. So are my knees, tops of my feet, underside of my chin, and a new one today - a tiny blister on the side of my nose. So, I'm realizing that the last year of being gluten-free has not been normal since a pregnant body is an altered body (pregnancy suppresses the immune system) so I'm starting over again from square one.

I've been in the process of examining and tightening my diet and found my prenatal vitamins (I'm still taking prenatals as a lactating mother) had 100% of DV in iodine - which I immediately chucked away. I found new gluten-free prenatals with no iodine. Now, I'm looking at my kitchen and feeling overwhelmed - where do I start? It's been a year since I started cooking gluten-free so is it possible that my pots and pans are free of gluten residue by now? My husband is gluten-free with me in the house so there are no worries about cross-contamination on surfaces, handles, etc.

Another thing I need help with is make-up and hygiene products. I wear Clinique foundation powder. Has anyone done research into Clinique products? What toothpastes are taboo for celiacs? I use whatever is on sale - Aquafresh and Crest generally. I use Garnier Fructis moisturizers. Suave bodywash, too.

I can't think of anything else I should be looking at. All tips, links to lists, or whatever would be greatly appreciated - esp if you guys think I still ought to replace my kitchenware. Thanks!

01/08 1st pregnancy and/or extreme stress at work triggered DH

03/08 pregnancy ended in miscarriage

05/08 dermatologist misdiagnosed as eczema

(06/08 quit my job - stress wasn't worth it)

07/08 suspected dermatologist was wrong and sought allergist who ordered blood test for celiac

07/08 became pregnant again

08/08 test came back positive for celiac - went gluten-free

04/09 healthy baby girl was born - plan to keep baby from gluten as long as humanly possible.

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Celiac.com Sponsor (A8):

Celiac.com Sponsor (A8):

To be replaced:

anything non-stick that has previously been used for gluten-pots, baking sheets, fryers, cake pans etc.

pots/pans with dimpled bottoms that have previously been used for gluten

toasters that have previously been used for gluten

any plastic or metal mesh strainers/ colanders that have previously been used for gluten

wooden spoons

handheld mixers previously used for gluten(see the flour in the vents?!)

Cast iron that has previously been used for gluten can be put in the oven on selfclean. When done and cool, scrub and wash well and reseason. Dedicate to gluten-free only.

I have plain metal pots and pans that have no seams, that are used for both gluten and gluten-free. They get scrubbed well between uses. Seamless bakeware that was in good condition and could be scrubbed well was cleaned and dedicated to gluten-free from here on out. There is NO gluten baking done in my home.

Hugs for you mom. I know it's hard to care for a little one and yourself at the same time, esp. with health issues.

Me: GLUTEN-FREE 7/06, multiple food allergies, T2 DIABETES DX 8/08, LADA-Latent Autoimmune Diabetes in Adults, Who knew food allergies could trigger an autoimmune attack on the pancreas?! 1/11 Re-DX T1 DM, pos. DQ2 Celiac gene test 9/11

Son: ADHD '06,

neg. CELIAC PANEL 5/07

ALLERGY: "positive" blood and skin tests to wheat, which triggers his eczema '08

ENTEROLAB testing: elevated Fecal Anti-tissue Transglutaminase IgA Dec. '08

Gluten-free-Feb. '09

other food allergies

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We always say "replace", but you have a point about being gluten-free after a year.....

Assume you have dipped all of your kitchen ware into arsenic, which pieces would you feel comfortable cleaning and using? Wooden spoons are out, and the toaster, but maybe the things that have been well scrubbed every time you've used them for the past year?

Examine each piece and look for hiding places. If you couldn't clean out arsenic, toss it.

"But then, in all honesty, if scientists don't play god, who will?"

- James Watson

My sources are unreliable, but their information is fascinating.

- Ashleigh Brilliant

Leap, and the net will appear.

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I'm so sorry you're going thru this! I cant relate to the pregnancy stuff, but I wanted to let you know I wear Clinique moisturizer on my face every day and it doesn't bother me whatsoever. I have never done research into whether or not it contains gluten, but it helps my skin either way so I'm continuing to use it :)

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Don't forget to get a new toothbrush!!! My children and I went gluten free in June then about three weeks into it I realized we were using our same toothbrushes :o

Also, check anything you may be using on just your little one, like diaper rash ointment, baby shampoo, etc.

Very good luck to you! Any big issue, let alone a health one, is SO hard with little ones!!!!!!!!!!!! But you will get through it and be all the better!

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