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Cross Contamination

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I am so frustrated with my family members when it comes to my cross contamination concerns. I had to move back home because I got so sick I had to leave my job and its been a slow, slow healing process.

Today, My my mother grabs a bag and hands what I thought was sugar to me. I set it on the table and when I set it down I could see the label on the bag that clearly said FLOUR. When I set it down I could see the little grainules in the air from the sun ( like you can see dust ). I was so pissed. They seem to think this is a joke or it's no big deal.

I don't know what else to do short of moving out, which I cannot afford to do right now. I just wish they would take some precautions to help me so I don't get cross contaminated. Now that flour( the particles ) will settle on the kitchen table of course. I have talked to them at length about this. I truly believe this is why I still don't feel well after 14 months of being gluten free. We have to be one hundred percent gluten-free not 99 or 99.9999.

My sisters kid was over too the other day and was playing with Playdough on the table. Even after I told her that it clearly says right on it that it contains wheat. Sometimes I just think they don't care because it isn't happening to them.

Sorry guys I just had to vent.

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