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Plant Enzymes

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I am taking enzymes to help everything heal. I bought "Now" brand plant enzymes. Here are the ingredients:

protease 12,500 hut

acid stable protease 100 sap

amylase 2500 itu

lipase 750 fip

cellulase 500 cu

lactase 200 lac

papain 6000pu

bromelain 5t000 fc

proprietary multi enzyme blend 560 mg

Is this sufficient? How many times a day should I take it?

Thanks all for your help!

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What does the bottle say as far as taking it?

I was on an enzyme for a while and I did as the bottle instructed which was to take it with each meal. After a short time I dropped to just with taking it with high fat or high protein meals and was able to stop after a couple of months.

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