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Krystens mummy

Poop Question Sorry

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Ok so i'm two weeks into a gluten challenge. I have always been constipated and that is now worse. I have a question about the mucous surrounding my dark constipated poop though.

I know it's gross but I did collect my poop to inspect a couple of times and have noticed that the mucous surrounding my poop isnt slimy and soft but more like orange sticky bees wax consistency thick and sticky sorry only way to describe it does anyone else get this its also a bit like semi dried tree sap consistency? and why is it like that?


Ps even though my poop is dark there are light flecks in it I sort of inspected this too and seems like its digested but pale flecks does anyone know what this is only happens when I eat gluten thought it was undigested food at first.

thanks again

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I would talk to your GI doctor about this and any other symptoms that you are having. There are doctors that will stop the challenge and diagnose when the reaction is obvious. The way the body reacts to being gluten free and then the reintroduction of gluten can be a valuable tool to diagnosis.

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