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Enzymes, Or No Enzymes?!

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Is anyone able to help with some SIMPLE advice on enzymes (lol) I've got completely confused! there's so much conflicting info out there. :blink:

I read a discussion on here which outlined the different brands/types, but when you research them on the net, there are some angry anti-product people out there...

I was advised by a fellow member on here sometime ago to try Biocor Dpp iv, but it's not available in the UK, so I found what looked like a similar (cleverly sold...) product called Peptizyde (Houston Nutraceuticals) which WAS available from a UK supplier, but I think I've made things worse...

I've been taking trying these for just over a week with some meals, to test if they do help and see how I reacted to them - all fine, I think. Went out for a take away at a friends - stuck to what I knew was ok for me, but took one before hand to see if would help in case of any preparation cc. Felt good - no symptoms. yay!

Today - feeling great. Met a friend for lunch - she ordered a baked potatoe and salad for me ( my usual safe meal out!)- specified no dressings, etc. Looked good. Only by 3pm I'd the old pain in the left ribs that quickly turned into stomach ache, arm pains, heavy legs. Thinking back to what I ate, there was beetroot (pickled - DOH) so I'm thinking Malt Vinegar=Barley. Great. It tasted EXTRA good too. Sure sign... lol

So, here I am at 3 in the morning, needing the loo, and sleepless, amongst other things (and I feel like I'm gonna pop my bellys so tight!).

Since going gluten-free, any accidents usually result in quick pains in tummy and tiredness, but the rest follows on over the course of a week or so. And heavens, my stomach feels like it's been punched, its so tender, and the sawing pains that are usually later too are here with a vengance...Worse than usually...

- If anyone out there knows about these things, do you think maybe taking the Peptizyde could have made the accidental cc worse? that's what I've read anyway, but I don't know what to believe now... Or is it that the longer you go gluten-free the more your symtoms 'sing' when you get them? I'm only a year into this so still learning.

- I've also read in a discussion that GlutenEase may have been a better choice, but I don't understand all the technical jargon enough to make an informed decision on whether to fork out and give it a go. the first purchase was pretty expensive, so unless there's anyone out there who really thinks it is, I might just give up on the whole enzymes idea.

I know the only cure is 1oo% gluten-free diet, and I know I shouldn't really be taking anything without a doctors/pharmasists' say so, but no one here knows about this (I've been asking and asking!) and enzymes seem to be quite a popular 'safety net' choice amongst some coeliacs it seems for those occassions where you genuinly get glutened whilst trying to maintain a social life...

Simple advice greatly received!

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In the UK and associated countries vinegar unless otherwise specified, must always be assumed to be malt vinegar (at least that is my assumption, and damn, I hate it). I wish we could make them label it as malt vinegar. I am sorry you are suffering so horribly from it. I have never tried taking anything to ease glutening, although I know others on here have. I usually let it be a lesson to me that I learn from :unsure: -- it takes better that way. :o But I did take a general digestive enzyme product for a year to help with general digestive issues because my pancreas was not producing sufficient enzymes. I have never really heard of anyone having an adverse effect from taking digestive enzymes.

Certainly, it appears that the farther you go in the healing process the more sensitive you become to gluten. Whereas once you could bombard your system with bread and pasta and still survive, suddenly a crumb of gluten becomes a major event. It is a bummer, but we do have to avoid it wherever and wherever we can. Sometimes it is inevitable/unavoidable because unknowable, and we suffer. Good luck with healing, and keep up your awareness.


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