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T-cell Allergy Reactions?

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Someone posted in another area of this forum a link to gluten.net. In looking around there to see what I could learn I found a video in which a comparison is made between celiac disease, gluten intolerance, IgE allergies, and t-cell allergies. Because my doctor recently chose to diagnose me with a wheat allergy vs celiac disease (I had negative bloodwork for tTg and IgA Endomesial antibody but biopsy showed patchy villous atrophy). The description in the video made the t-cell allergy sound like a possiblity whereas my reaction to gluten does not match at all with the IgE allergy symptoms.

I haven't been able to find any clear explanations of the mechanism or symptoms of a t-cell allergy, just that it's a longer-term reaction than the IgE reaction. I have found some research on the topic, but they are heavily peppered with medical terminology that I'm not very familiar with.

Can anyone point me to a link with an explanation to help me understand this type of allergy so I can talk intelligently with my primary doctor when I see him next? I'm really trying to understand whether this is actually what I have (allergy) or if I had just healed enough that my gastro doc didn't feel certain enough to make the celiac diagnosis.

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If you post a link I can try to help. Allergies are mediated by antibodies that are released from B-cells and the reaction usually involves mast cells and eosinophils, not T-cells. I have never come across the term T-cell allergy and I've had quite a bit of exposure to this subject area.

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The video that sent me searching can be found at the bottom of the page here:


A google search of "t-cell allergy" brings up several hits such as



I tried a similar search on googlescholar.com and got a lot of hits too, but I don't understand enough of the terminology to even sort out what may or may not apply to my situation. Some of it seems to be about cancer research or immunology vs simple allergic responses??

I'd appreciate any help someone with more medical or technical understanding could share.

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