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Nestle's Hot Cocoa Mix

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All flavors as of 6/2008 include statement: Made on equipment that also processes soy and wheat.


Ref #:17015082

Thanks for letting us know. I switched to Swiss Miss a few years ago when Nestle changed their ingredients and started adding sucralose to their regular hot cocoa mix. Ick! If I wanted Splenda in there I'd buy the diet version, thank you!

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I use 100% Nestles powdered cocoa and add plain sugar. Can be added to milk or water. Taste's great and no nasty chemicals. Only slightly more trouble than ripping open a mix bag as you have to dip the spoon into the cocoa and then a different spoon into the sugar. This is the way we used to make it in the girl scouts when I was a kid. I don't use vanilla but the recipes below do.

I have two containers of the 100% cocoa and neither says it is processed on equipment that also processes wheat and I've never had a reaction to my hot cocoa.

Here is a slightly more complicated recipe. Since your looking for a mix this may not be for you.


Here is Nestles own recipe that will give you the ratio of cocoa to sugar if you want to prepare your own mix.


1/2 cup granulated sugar


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You can also add a splash of vanilla to a bunch of sugar, mix very well and then add the right amount of chocolate powder mix again and reseal in a bigger container. Also, consider adding your mini marshmallows and you are all set. Cheaper, safer, and yummier.

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Abeulita, Mexican hot chocolate, imported by Nestle is gluten-free, and delicious!!!

**But only the disk format is, the powder form is NOT gluten-free.

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