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Still Waiting For Blood Work.... Dum De Dum....

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Well I am still waiting for my blood work...probably won't be till next week...

But while I wait....bummer.....still on Gluten...but am trying a little experiment.

This morning I get up feeling fine....had oatmeal

10 am had a small muffin with gluten 15 minutes late stomach ache with horrible gas pains...

Chewed up a tums and went shopping...Tums did nothing

Noon time had a sandwich with gluten bread...15 min later same stomach pains...

While I was shopping picked up some Gluten free snacks...

Bob's Red Mill Chocolate chip Cookies

and some fixins for Gluten free bread...

Oh yummy...I had those snacks in afternoon with NO tummy ache....even though I was still

rather bloated from the morning gluten....

So I'm thinking even if this test comes back negative...I think I am choosing Gluten Free anyway!

It just makes me feel better!

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