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Aga Iga (only Slightly Elevated )

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Just like everyone else, I would love to have a few opinions about my testing and symptoms that led me to test.

History: Infertility, diagnosed with Interstitial Cystitis (autoimmune disease) and endometriosis.

Blood work recently: only elevated is AGA IgA at 29 (normal is below 11) I hope I have the right test here. The doc said it's the least reliable for Celiac but the most sensitive if that helps.


The above from my history plus fatigue, swollen eye lids and red and scaly, teeth recalcificatin (12 of them!) and some brown started to build up indicative of loss of minerals I think.

I do realize that the endoscopy will be a big help but wondering if anyone has been diagnosed with less than this for Celiac. If the AGA IgA is elevated and I have symptoms it just seems like it might be related or possibly I'm in the early stages.

Any info would be appreciated.

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When a dr goes to dx celiac disease, he must pull all the puzzle pieces at his disposal together. Symptoms just aren't enough as they can be vague, mimic other conditions and there are over 200 of them. You have few of the puzzle pieces already; symptoms and your blood work. But those are rather weak blood results. I think your dr will want an endoscopy and as it's a simple and, for me, painless experience, why not give him all the info he needs?

He could also dx on dietary response, family history and genetic testing but that's more of a stretch in your case. At least from the info you've provided. Consider the endo. Others might have some other suggestions.

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Before the ttg test, the antigliadin test was the usual test. A positive antigliadin test used to be enough to get the endoscopy done.

Some people only have one of the tests show up positive, and some none even though they do have a positive endoscopy w. biopsies.

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