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Does This Sound Like Celiac?

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Well I'll start at the beginning. Two weeks ago my 19 month old son came down with severe fatigue in the afternoons. In the morning he was bright and chirpy but after his midday sleep he would crash. Basically he lays on the couch and blinks, he's also done the occasional vomit but only 4 and never more than 1 a day. His poos have been up and down but hard to say as some days he hasn't really eaten. Alex has always been a BIG eater- 90th percentile from day one. So by day 6 we where at the hospital and stayed for 4 nights. So far they can't find anything and are talking about enzyme disorders. He's always had a bit of a belly so never really considered it and he's also taken to lying on his belly with his legs curled up underneath him. After reading about celiac I'm wondering if he has tummy pain and this position is more comfy?

We have a MRI and spinal tap scheduled for this week so definitely going to ask about celiac but wondering if anyone has had similar symptoms when diagnosing their toddlers?

Many Thanks


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