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Anyone Routinely Get Maccs/ Hungry Jacks Without The Bun?

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Chips fine

Coke fine

Burger without the bun= fine too. I eat it about 4 times a week love my fast food, without a bun I grab a knife and fork and eat my burger (triple cheese burger) like a steak, and then you got the chips and coke and its like a decent meal for a chance.

In the city they seem to know what im on about when I say burger with the bun but at my rural outlets the (most of the time stupid) attended goes

"what a burger without the bun?"

"so thats a burger without a bun"

Yes I am not trying to teach the theory of evolution but its embarassing as hell when they dont simply get it. I simply add in I have an allegey and yeh works a treat. Also when travelling sometimes you in a remote location where the only to eat basically is mcdonalds so you got go for it!

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