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Today I Have A Headache

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I do not have celiacs from the testing my GI did (endoscopy and colonoscopy), but I very well may have a gluten intolerance (from blood tests results). Since going gluten-free, I have not had any headaches. I still have bathroom "issues" and fatigue (probably due to my low iron). So basically I am still trying to figure out what is causing my troubles after being gluten-free for 6 months.

Like I mentioned, since going gluten-free my very frequent headaches have virtually disappeared. Today I have a headache and I am trying to determine if it's just "because" or if it's something I ate yesterday. The only things I can think of are the fruit and cheese appetizer I had at a restaurant yesterday while everyone else had yummy lunches. Or maybe the small sample of fudge I had at a candy store. The fudge was pumpkin flavored fudge.

Could either of these things caused me my headache today?

It's tough knowing how gluten sensitive I am if I haven't been able to get all my symptoms in check. Somethings still causing my bathroom issues. Maybe stress. Maybe soy? I noticed I have problems after eating soy, but I really don't have it that often.

Anyway. Today I'm just trying to determine why I might have this headache.

Thanks so much,


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