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Free Prenatals At Meijer

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Hey all you preggers celiacs!

I am recently Dx and we were hoping to have another little one soon. Looks like we're putting if off until I've healed a little longer! However I'm starting on some prenatals and was checking out Meijer's free prenatals to see if they were gluten-free. I've contacted all of the manufacturers and have heard back that all of them are gluten-free. I took my scrip in today and will be picking them up soon. Hopefully the manufacturer is correct! I'll let you know if I have any problems.

All of the gluten-free Prenatals at the whole food stores and things were pretty expensive and we just don't have the extra money. So, I'm pretty happy about this and thought I'd share.


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Nature-Made's prenatal vitamins are marked gluten-free right on the bottle. They are available at Costco and not particularly expensive. Of course, they're not FREE, either. Just thought I'd share in case anybody who can't get free prenatals might be looking for an affordable national brand they can use.

That's cool that you can get free vitamins. I've never heard of Meijer. They must not have it around here.

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