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There was some foods I found out today are not on the safe list and I thought they were.

The big ones being Quaker rice cakes and KIX cereal. My son eats them a lot, a lot - a lot, he has had no ill effects. At least none that I have noticed. But he is only 1 and unless I can see something happening, I wouldn't know if his stomach was just a little upset or gassy or something. He is the type that if he broke a damn arm he would have have to finish his chalk picture before it was taken care of :rolleyes:

I still need to stop these don't I.....

Is tea safe or do I have to buy that at a specialty store as well ...

I really thought I had this down, looks like I have been making him sick still anyway..

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Kix! Many are eating these without seeing any side effects but who can see the intestines! I think there are still old boxes on the store shelves as well as new ones. As you stated they are not on the gluten-free list from the mfg as yet. If your son is very sensitive I myself would not give them to him but if he's not so sensitive the I probably would allow once in a while. I think sometimes we do overkill on things we can have & then we start having issues. The rule of thumb for all of life is don't over- indulge in anything...

What kind of tea? Honestly if you are giving Regular tea to a small child I would stop. I'm not sure who you were referring to about the tea.. But reg tea is usually a safe beverage. Some flavored or spiced teas all may not be. I drink Red Rose or Tetley but only 1 cup a day.

Rice cakes, the minis are not okay but the large ones Quaker state are okay. I ate so many rice cakes in the beginning I gag everytime I see one--- good example of over-indulging!!! Lungberg has gluten-free rice cakes...

The main problem with mainstream products is the CC issues....

I find these really good crackers at Wal-Mart called Baby Mum-Mums. They are in the infant section food.. they melt in your mouth & are gluten-free... but we big kids put brushetta & cheese on them & love them! Kids put jelly , peanut butter, marshmallow cream & banana's!!!!

I just samples a great juice box drink for kids called Froose. They sell it at Whole Foods or you can order. I think they had three flavors & cherry was our favorite.



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I have several celiac rules I live by:

1. If I grab something thinking 'I know this is gluten free', I still read the label. It may have changed since I tried it.

2. I assume everything has gluten in it. I started this one after I found out some Root Beer and Orange Sodas have gluten in them. The darn stuff hides everywhere.

3. I listen to everyone, then I check out what they say. For me, there are things that others can tolerate but I can't such as oats. I can't even eat the special gluten free ones.

You'll find most of your questions can be answered here. So glad you found this site. It will take some time to figure it all out but it does become fairly manageable as you learn what you can serve.

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