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How Much Gluten Needs To Be In System For Test?

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I do not have any insurance, and I am not in a possition currently to take dozens of tests. I have been tested for h pylori, gall bladder desease, thyroid problems, and ulcers.

I have been told about what is really involved in a celiac disease test, and it sounds expensive (and painful).

Concidering that I feel much better without gluten, I believe that I have a gluten/dairy intollerance at the least. I feel that it would be in my best interest to just take it out of my diet (and my children's, since they show signs as well) and if my symptoms go away then, HOORAY! I was right!

My worry is that if I actually do need to be tested for celiac disease I have to be eating gluten.

So my question is two-fold: How often do you actually have to PROVE that you have a gluten intollerance? Also, how long do you have to be eating gluten to have the test done?

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to get a reasonable chance at a positive test, you need to be eating the equivalent of three slices of bread a day for three months.

I personally have not had to prove that I have celiac disease. But I am not in school where food may be provided for me. I also will "fire" a medical provider if they're not willing to understand that I feel better without gluten, won't be eating it, and expect them to understand (if not agree with) my opinion.

A young kid, someone with much more severe symptoms who feels they might qualify for FMLA while recovering from celiac, or something else along those lines, would probably do much better with a formal diagnosis than can be used as a forcing function.

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