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What Are The Tests For Celiac?

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I've already started my gluten-free diet, and I feel AMAZING! It's only been a week, and I've got a few lingering issues but my energy level has skyrocketed.

I'm just curious though, if I should rely on this solely? Or what to bring up with my doc tomorrow at my check up? I'm sure he's going to want to know how my migraines are doing (gone - been gone for a month now!), and what I did to help this issue.

I've still got some constipation issues, and some muscle & joint soreness (and I haven't even been to the gym!), but the nausea is completely gone!! That's AMAZING to me! LOL! I was seriously beginning to think I was pregnant again. I'm sleeping like a rock. :D

If I do decide to go the test route... then I've got to go back on gluten... right? That would suck... lol.

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Well since this was posted on the 13th, what did your doctor say?

Anyway it could be a food intolerance to gluten/wheat and not celiac. If you have insurance it might be a good idea so you don't have to starve yourself of gluten out of your diet (although a wheat diet is hard enough..)

I think you have to be consuming gluten to get the most out of your tests and they're not the most accurate anyway..but the first step would be to do a celiac blood panel.

Anyway hope you're feeling better! I'm also trying a gluten free diet and i'm still dealing with IBS-C...maybe that's from SIBO? I don't know but hope we both continue to improve!

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Thank you...

I do have insurance, but there's no way we could afford all the dang deductibles.

He doesn't think its Celiac (I did bring it up). Based on symptoms, and the fact that I'm feeling amazingly better, he thinks its most likely an allergy.

I get an allergy test done every year (We're part of a food allergy study), and nothing has ever come up (they give us all the results). So, I just don't know!

But, I'm continuing on with the diet, because I really can't believe the difference. Even my bad back doesn't bother me as much (previously, every muscle/joint just ached all the time).

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