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hopeful Mom

What Is The Latest In Testing?

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Hi all,

My daughter is going for a blood test Monday, on a short vacation home from college. With the distance, it's hard to arrange things, so I really want her to be taking the best test out there for gluten sensitivity so she can start feeling better, if this is what she has.

I read on the Web about a new test- deanimated gliadin peptide (DGP) that is supposedly better than the older gliaden tests. Does anyone here have knowledge of this? I know I should be talking with her Dr., and I will, but we don't see her until after the test. I don't want to sound like a know-it-all, when I only got this info from the web.


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google: university of chicago celiac

...that'll get you a link to UofC celiac disease center where you can find explanation of the different types of blood tests, why they are used, which are reliable, etc. -- and a wealth of other celiac information

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