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2 Weeks Gluten Free, Now Rash On Face Of 6yr Old?

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My 6 year old daughter has been gluten free for almost 2 weeks now since confirming diagnosis of celiac, even though she was asymptomatic. I have been STRICTLY inforcing the gluten free diet. My daughter has told me she doesn't eat anything at school that I don't give her and her teachers/supervisors are very careful too (she sits at the allergy table at lunch so she's carefully supervised).

All the sudden a few days ago she developed a rash on her face...very small bumps, almost pimple like but without the white head. It seems to be on her cheeks, nose and forhead, but no where else on her body. Its slightly itchy, i've given her benedryl at night, cortaid on it to help the itching, but nothing makes it go away. Could it be ingredients in the new gluten free food that she is allergic to?

She was eating pretty much the same foods for the past 2 weeks, the only new things I introduced on tuesday (day before the rash) were Craisins (cherry flavored), EnviroKids Organic Animal Crackers and I made Gluten Free breaded/fried tilapia (the "breadcrumbs" were pre-made from cornmeal, yogurt, spices, etc..).

ANyway run into this before? She has no fever, acting fine, but ashamed of the rash and itchy.

Could she all the sudden be sensative to soaps/shampoos/detergent that I used previously? I haven't changed anything.

Thanks for the help.


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My 6 year old was diagnosed last November with celiac and it took us a while to get her completely gluten free. It is hidden everywhere. My biggest surprise was "dextrose."

As we got her off of the gluten it took her about 2 weeks to fully show signs she was feeling better, however if she was exposed to gluten, whether it be obvious or hidden in artificial and natural flavoring, it could take her another week to feel better.

Over the summer however she was consistently getting a bad case of eczema on her whole face and breaking out all over her body. This was something new, it was the sunscreen. She also started breaking out after her baths especially on her face and tummy, and itching continuislly on her neck. She had been using the same soap and shampoo/conditioner since she was born, and never had a problem. We consulted her gastro doctor and she said since her body was clean of the gluten, she was becoming more sensitive to interactions with gluten. We bought the gluten free shampoo and conditoner, and some natural soap, and she has completely healed.

I would try using some gluten free hair products and soap and see if it helps.

I hope your daughter feels better soon, this was a tough transition for my daughter but it is getting better everyday.


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Jennifer, do you mean "dextrin".. i was under the impression that dextrose is gluten free as it is a sugar, derived from corn. Dextrin on the other hand does contain gluten.

Please let me know. I am asking because I want to make sure dextrose is safe if you know otherwise!



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