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Healing Time

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Hey everyone,

I have a 2 yr old that has been gluten free for 2 months. We have also removed soy and dairy from his diet. He does not tell me if he has a tummy ache or feels bad, so the only thing I know to do is monitor his bowel movements. (I have almost become obsessed!!) They are normally very runny and were chunky although the chunks have gotten smaller. Two months into it and I do not know if he system is still trying to heal or if he is still getting glutened somewhere. His skin also gets red and blotchy and it has not completely gone back to normal. I am keeping a food journal nothing seems to be consistent. He does frequently eat the Enviorkids Koala crisps cereal, but I have removed it from his diet the last couple of days. I alternate rice milk with almond milk. We are using the Pacific brand but it is not easy to find around here and when I do it is rather pricey. I read something about Rice Dream having gluten so I am afraid to use it. (Also the Westsoy brand.) Does anyone know if they are ok now, they are much cheaper!! I just dont know if am I being too impatient or if there is another allergy trigger in his diet anywhere (or gluten.) He has his own cookware, plates, cups, toaster, counter space. He really doesnt use condiments other than ketchup (gluten free) and barbeque sauce (bullseye regular). No butter due to dairy and soy and no mayo, however the canola one seems safe. What does the healing time for regular bowel movements look like and do you have any suggestions for speedy recovery. Oh and he refuses to eat veggies so I am struggling to get nutrition in him. He takes the Members Mark (Sams club) Multivitamin gummies.

any experience would be great. thanks!!

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My daughter was dx when she was 9. We went off diary for approx 6 months before her colon was healed and than could digest diary. According to our Pediatric GI, she could have Rice Dream. She did good on it and she is very sensitive and never had a problem with Rice Dream. It also took her about 6 months for her BM's to regulate. We were finally able to take her off her MiraLax that she had been on for a year. Once her colon was healing, she wasn't so constipated, but it took about 6 months of a strick gluten free diet before we were able to let her have the diary and be off of the laxative. She feels much better now. She still has to take Prevacid for Reflux, but that is improving also. Good luck. It is hard when they are 2 becuase they can't describe everything and understand the cause and effect. Be patient and with time, hopefully her colon will heal. And btw, the cooking gets much easier! It is over whelming at first, but does get easier.

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