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Could This Be Celiacs?

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I have had hashimotos for about 14 years now and finally just found a doctor that seems generally interested in treating my symptoms. He ran a bunch of blood test and a few things came back abnormal.

He ran an allergy test and my gluten came back abnormal, and apparently I'm lactose intolerant. After looking into a gluten allergy I found a list of symptoms for celiacs and now i'm worried I might have it. some of the symptoms are as follows:

Developing anemia (my ferritin level is very low)

Changes in appetite (some days I can't eat at all, others I never feel full)

Weight gain (A few sites said this is a symptom while others don't even mention it)


Abdominal pain

Constipation alternating with diarrhea

food allergies

lactose intolerance

weakness (arms and hands shake real bad when im feeling weak)

chronic fatigue

headaches (almost daily)



white specks on nails

ringing ears

dry skin on face/scalp

rash on elbows/knees (sometimes neck/scalp)

thinning hair (used to be soo thick, its so thin now it just breaks before it has time to grow much)

neck is always sore

cant concentrate

blurred vision (has gotten really bad over this past year)

uti's (probably about 10 a year, usually mild)


thats just some of what i'm feeling. Sorry the list is so long. I think my uncle has celiacs.

I'm just tired of always feeling like crap. People just tell me im fine and to deal with it but ive been dealing with it since I was a kid and i'm just tired. The depression is driving me crazy, the only reason I know that would be causing me to be depressed is because of how I feel physically.

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Hi Heather, and welcome.

Your laundry list of symptoms should arouse your doctor's suspicions as well, I would think. Was celiac not one of the things he tested you for? By the way, you forgot Hashimoto's on your list, which is very common in celiacs. I would definitely ask him to run a celiac panel on you if only to rule celiac out before he goes on to other more extensive testing. Make sure he runs total serum IGA too, because if this is deficient it can throw the other tests off.

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I'm waiting for the results now, I'm not exactly sure if he's testing what you suggested. I'm really anxious waiting for these results!! Actually the day I was suppose to get the test I couldn't because the nurse OR doctor couldn't even draw any blood from me for some reason. They said I was dehydrated. So I got it done the next day. Left me with bruises all over from all the failed attempts lol.

I don't know if this is a symptom but it seems whenever I ingest gluten I get heart palpitations. It's not from caffeine because it happens when i don't have caffeine.

I'm so terrified that I'll test back negative to be honest, because I'm tired of feeling like this all the time. I tested positive for the epstein-bar virus too so that could be why im tired all the time, but all of the other symptoms wouldn't be caused by that

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