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New Symptom: Tired After Eating, Lightheaded, Headache

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Okay, for the past week or 2, I'd been having a new symptom: whenever I eat something, seemingly ANYTHING, I feel tired afterward, and I get a headache and feel lightheaded.

Last Wednesday, it was so bad that I took the day off from work. Actually, I woke up real late, and just called in sick. Glad I did. I slept in the morning until noon, then had a big lunch, then got so tired I crawled into bed and slept for like an hour or two. Anything I ate that day made me really tired, it seemed. Thursday it was a bit better, but I still took the day off. Friday I went to work, though still having the problem.

Friday was when I made a new discovery: Fudgsicles contain malt powder - i.e. they have gluten. I removed them from my diet. After that day, it seems as if the headaches/tiredness has gotten better... then sometimes back to being bad again.

So therefore, could this be withdrawal from yet another gluten source I didn't know about? The first time I went "gluten-free" (I still ate Fudgsicles since they didn't seem to gluten me), I suffered things like chills in my legs, tingling, itchiness, etc., and got it really bad at times, up and down, until it became less common and less pronounced.

Since removing the Fudgsicles from my diet, those withdrawal symptoms, which had been in remission, have increased a bit. I've definitely had the chills in my legs. I wonder now if this "food makes me fatigued/lightheaded/headache right after eating it" symptom is related, and was caused by the gluten I'd still been consuming. If so, this is another withdrawal.

What do you think? I sure hope so, because I was so close to getting back to normal. My hunger levels are back to pre-Celiac levels (they got back to it like a day after I removed the Fudgsicles!), so I'm almost feeling normal. But I don't like this scary "food makes me tired" symptom.

Has anyone else been through this?

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