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and if so, can you share what you use it for, and any recipes?? I'm trying to compile some ideas and then probably get one in December when they are back at our Costco. I wanted one before but could never justify the expense, but now I'm thinking it would be great for making gluten free things! Thanks!!

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I have one, love it and use it often! I puree salsa (weird I know, but my hubby loves it), blend sauces and soups (makes them more creamy, very nice when DF), and make lots of smoothies! I love to throw a bunch of fresh/frozen fruit in with a couple handfuls of spinach (yes spinach! you can't taste it!). Makes a great breakfast! I think it is a great investment. Ours was a gift, but still, I thank my dad for it all the time :) I would love to find more excuses to use it...

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