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Newbie - Is This Dh?

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I have had a rash for 2.5 years. It has not responded to much. M.D. treated for possible scabies (I have a small dog) and that did no good. Derm diagnosed as dry skin and biopsied as Eczema/Psoriasis on the scalp. This rash has not responded to steroid topicals, lotions, etc. Topicals seem to aggravate it. Best relief is from baking soda, sea salt baths and coconut oil in tiny amounts. I am taking the usual vitamins, EFA's for skin issues

Rash is on scalp, inside of forearms, upper arm, stomach, back of knees, back of calves, butt. It started on scalp and throat/upper chest and upper back. Pretty much symmetrical. This rash moves around.

About 2 weeks ago I started thinking DH. I have backed off of gluten, seriously for about 10 days. Big learning curve on hidden gluten. Bloating is not quite as bad.

I am also doing mild yeast detox herbs. The gluten/sugar free works with this. I know this is soon, and I am hesitant to say, I am a bit better. The rash seems to be drying up. This has happened before in the burning, itchy, weepy, flaky, drying cycle. Worse at night and if get to hot. Have a hard time keeping body temperature comfortable, Insomnia, lotions make me feel if I am suffocating and skin crawl.

Could pre menopause bring this on? Could candida/yeast cause a rash like this? I know DH can also exhibit other skin issues with it.

No insurance any more, refuse to do prednisone, not too interested in dapsone (side effects).

Lifelong severe allergies peanuts, horses, etc, asthma (adult mild), fibroids, no intestinal issues other than bloating, some mal absorbtion, have gotten off all meds.

Blood Tests 2 years ago showed anemia (fibroids), elevated liver enzymes (doc kept quizing me on alcohol consumption) and no thyroid or hepatitis.

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It sounds like one of my rashes preGF. Mine felt a little better each day after going gluten-free but took 6-8 weeks to clear up probably a little longer for the crimson-purplish shadows under the skin to clear up. You've had it much longer than I, so I don't know how long it would take you but there is a good chance it's gluten related. Give it at least 3 months gluten-free to decide if it's the answer for you.

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Search the forums for 'iodine patch test', a quick and dirty way to see if you have DH. From what I've read it doesn't always work, but it's worth a shot.

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