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I apologise if I'm posting this to the wrong Forum, so feel free to jump in and redirect me.

Recently having undergone surgery, I discovered that the antibiotic, Metronidazole prescribed for me was maize based, while the very effective pain killers had a corn version. Neither are suitable as far as my personal tolerance levels go and led to some nightmare complications and excruciating misery. Having come off both, it seems that I require another course of antibiotics <_< . Over the period that I've been diagnosed as a coeliac, it eliminates further complications if I can suggest a product name to my doctors that is more suitable than the first option they may choose and consequently personalize my treatments.

Can anyone make suggestions on how I could do a constructive search to find out the ingredients in a product/determine alternate brand options within the same family of antibiotics?



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Not really anything you can do other than call companies.

You might also see if you can find a compounding pharmacy within reasonable mailing (or driving) distance from you so it can be made to order.

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